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Legally compliant user management

Identity Manager​​

With the SIVIS Identity Manager you can easily create, manage and maintain all system accesses and authorizations of your users. Master data, user parameters and role assignments are managed centrally for all connected systems. The application and approval process is flexible and ensures an audit-proof Documentation.

Emergency Manager ​

If employees are sick or in other emergency situations, SAP users need extended SAP authorizations quickly and for a limited period of time. The activities carried out are logged seamlessly and in an audit-proof manner. With the predefined emergency users of the Emergency Manager with extended rights, you can react quickly - without any downtime.


Mitigation Manager

Do you know that? You process authorization requests from employees and the system detects segregation of duties violations after an assignment to a specific user. The Mitigation Manager makes authorization recommendations that will help you quickly and reliably out of the SoD trap. Using calculations, this manager recommends alternative authorizations that are free from SoD violations and target-oriented.

Compliance Manager​

“Who has access to what in SAP?” - In many companies this question is unanswered. With the SIVIS Compliance Manager, you can keep track of things and comply with revisions with transparency and ease. So you are prepared for audits. The warning system for risk detection analyzes the authorizations in the customer system in real time. In this way, you can erase weaknesses, risks and violations of laws immediately and efficiently correct authorization conflicts.