Optimized user management

Role Manager

What is it that takes IT managers' nerves? An opaque, decentralized management of authorizations with complex role maintenance. But it works too simple: With the SIVIS Role Manager, you can conveniently manage all roles in your system landscapes centrally. Thanks to mass changes, you can add additional branches or introduce new modules with just a few clicks to adjust.

Role Reference Manager

The SIVIS Role Reference Manager uses over 1000 ready-made roles that you can adapt to your requirements in the company in order to reduce the administrative effort. Regardless of whether it is individual process steps or the entire redesign of workplaces - in the Role Reference Manager you will always find a valid template for your role concept. The authorization concept that is configured in the tool is constant current and expandable.

Extension Manager

Imagine that production failures occur because of a lack of authorizations in SAP. This can be avoided very easily with the Extension Manager, which automatically makes suggestions for missing authorizations. The subsequent implementation takes place without manual effort. Take over the most suitable suggested values from the hit list and accelerate your authorization concepts.