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Connection of further systems

HR Connector

The HR Connector is your central connection from the HR system to the SIVIS Identity Manager. In this way, you can quickly and easily harmonize different authorization objects in a SIVIS project. You only enter new employees once for all target systems with the help of the tool. User data is synchronized and maintained in one place. So you are always up to date everywhere.

AD Connector ​

Do you work with Active Directory (AD) from Microsoft and struggle with the transfer to the SAP world? The AD Connector is your solution: It connects AD and other non-SAP systems to the SIVIS Identity Manager. Users and permissions such as Entry and exit of employees from any system can be managed at a central point.

BI Connector​

The BI Connector is the link between SAP BI and SAP ERP. Users and authorizations from any system can be recorded and managed centrally with this tool. Convert features into functions and harmonize different authorization projects in a SIVIS project.

S/4 HANA Connector ​

Use this tool to load users and authorizations from HANA Studio into the SIVIS Manager in order to record and manage them there in a central location. This synchronization of your user data simplifies many work processes and you save valuable time. Of course, you can connect several S / 4-HANA systems to the SIVIS Identity Manager.

Cloud ​Connector​

The Cloud Connector enables the administration of users and authorizations from third-party system providers. In this way you prevent any data inconsistencies and ensure seamless compliance in your system landscapes. Use templates that have already been defined and manage users efficiently by connecting them to the Identity Manager. And all of this without any programming effort.

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