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Analysis tools

Alert Manager ​

With the Alert Manager, no irregularities remain hidden. The tool monitors and documents all critical activities such as downloads or changed bank data. Risk assessment rules are created on the basis of log entries. The entries with sensitive data are saved in a separate database and can be quickly viewed and evaluated. This permanent monitoring of important tables and data (in accordance with DSAG guidelines) ensures a high level of security for your SAP systems.


Concept Manager ​

What previously had to be laboriously and time-consuming documented by hand is made available by the Concept Manager at the push of a button. The electronic helper offers you a ready-made template with system configurations to be logged and a large number of standard text modules. So you get a quick and precise overview of the authorization concept.

Recertification Manager ​

With the Recertification Manager you can make recurring decisions from From the beginning, save them transparently and audit-proof in a central cockpit and all Review roles in the system annually. In this way, the validities of users, roles or assignments can be managed easily and centrally and you have special users like Always in view of consultants or auditors.


License Manager ​

The License Manager enables simple and central administration of all SAP user licenses based on the transactions used. In this way a permanent, ideal distribution of the existing license inventory can be guaranteed. Inactive SAP users are deactivated, duplicate user accounts are consolidated and you can use free license volumes for other purposes. You can also use the tool to find out which third-party systems and add-ons are accessing your SAP data. You will receive a continuously updated risk overview.

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